Will I Recover From Bankruptcy?

This is a question I hear often in my Bankruptcy practice.  The answer is YES!  I have helped over a thousand people file bankruptcy over the past 15 years.  People are always better off having resolved their debt issues. Bankruptcy is designed to give people a “Fresh Start”.   I ran across this article about famous people who had filed bankruptcy. It really surprised me.  http://mentalfloss.com/article/20169/7-wildly-successful-people-who-survived-bankruptcy The fact is that we Americans are and have always been optimistic risk takers.  This is true in our business affairs and personal lives. We always think things are going to get better. As long as we keep thinking this way, things usually do get better. As soon as we as parents and business people lose this optimism, then we will cease to see the multitude of opportunities that present themselves to us. We then will always be looking for a place of safety. Always hiding, always conserving, is no way to live. We must take risks so that our families and businesses will have a chance to thrive. The bankruptcy process s a way for us to hit the reset buttons in our finances. We know we can take risks, when we have the opportunity to erase mistakes. Take a few minutes to read the article. What would the world be like if Abraham Lincoln didn’t overcome his early financial failures, if Walt Disney wasn’t allowed to create the stories that have inspired generations of children, and if Henry Ford was stopped from bringing the automobile to us all. The opportunity to start over should not be limited to future business tycoons. The opportunity is there for any of us that make mistakes.

I have been helping consumers in Wilkes, Surry, Yadkin, and Alleghany Counties file for bankruptcy for nearly 15 years.  Helping relieve the financial burden debt brings is my life’s work.  If you are ready to help yourself and your family build a better life, give me a call.

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