Now is the Time to Apply for a New Job- Here Are a Few Employers Hiring!

The last 14 years have a been a terrible time to find a job in the Foothills of North Carolina.  If you had a job you have likely seen your pay decrease while everything else increases.  Well the times are finally changing.  The national employment numbers have been on the positive side of 200,000 for over 6 months in a row.  Those types of numbers haven’t been seen since the late 90s.  If you need a job or think your employer is taking you for granted, here are a few places I have heard are hiring:

Pittsburgh Glass Works  Elkin, Surry County

Phillips Van Heusen  Jonesville, Yadkin County

Lydall  Hamptonville, Yadkin County

Pruitt Health  Elkin, Surry County

Hugh Chatham Memorial Hosptial  Elkin, Surry County

Unifi  Yadkinville, Yadkin County

Renfro  Mount Airy, Surry County

Northern Hospital of Surry  Mount Airy, Surry County

United Parcel Service (UPS)  Wilkesboro, Wilkes County

Tyson Foods  Wilkesboro, Wilkes County


I am sure there are many more.  Please let me know and I will post.




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