Help with Judgments – Flippin Law

What is a Judgment?

A judgment is a debt that has been made into a lien on your property. If you owe a creditor money and just can’t pay, the creditor may decide to take its debt collection process a step further and start a lawsuit against you. The entry of a judgment against you puts a lien on all real property you have in the County where the judgment is entered.  The lien will cover land, checking accounts, cars and potentially anything you own that has value.

Can Bankruptcy help with a Judgment?

Yes. Judgments can be stripped from your property while in Bankruptcy.

You don’t have to feel embarassed or nervous. Our firm removes Judgments from our clients’ property all the time. After we file the Bankruptcy, we will file a motion to strip the judgment lien from your property. A judge will then sign an Order removing the lien from your property before you finish your Bankruptcy case.

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