Tax Garnishment

Help with Complicated Tax Issues:

If you have ever had any issues with your taxes, you know it is complicated. Call us today to find out about the Federal Laws that can give you assistance if you owe State, Federal, or local taxes and you are also behind in other payments to creditors.

What is Tax Garnishment?

The IRS or State Revenue Office can garnish your wages and take away money that is desperately needed to take care of you and your family. Filing bankruptcy stops tax garnishments. It does not matter what kind of tax you owe; the garnishment must stop. You may still owe for the tax, but with the garnishment stopped by filing bankruptcy, you are in a better position to deal with that tax on terms you can afford. And if the tax is of a kind that you can get rid of in bankruptcy…that is the end of the garnishment…forever.
For the taxes that you owe, we will help you eliminate the Tax Penalties you incur and get you set up with a 60 month payment plan. This assumes you file the “Loan Consolidation” type of Bankruptcy case (also known as a “Chapter 13 case”).

How can Tax Debt be eliminated?

Bankruptcy in some instances can be used to “discharge” your tax debts. Most people, and even some bankruptcy attorneys, don’t know this, but certain older taxes are even “dischargeable” which means you can get rid of them by filing bankruptcy and not pay them back. There are 4 rules to apply to see if your back income taxes are dischargeable. We know the rules inside and out. We apply these rules all the time and we also know how to get dead-accurate information from the IRS itself to verify what you owe and whether it is dischargeable under these 4 rules. We get rid of thousands of dollars in income taxes for our clients every year.